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BSA Certified Angling Instructor

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A BSA Certified Angling Instructor is a Scout Leader who has successfully completed the BSA Certified Angling Instructor training course (training code: CS61).

A BSA Certified Angling Instructor has been given the tools to succeed, and has accepted the challenged to set personal goals such as:

  • To teach Scouts how to enjoy the sports of Fishing and Fly-Fishing
  • To insure quality angling instruction programs at Summer Camp
  • To provide quality equipment, thus improving the Scouts experience
  • To improve Camp Fisheries and their management efforts.
  • To make Fishing an intentional program within their Council, so that Scouts may have fun for a lifetime in this exciting and relaxing outdoor adventure

A BSA Certified Angling Instructor maintains clear objectives in order to to achieve their goals such as:

  • Improve fishing opportunities offered at Cub Scout Day Camps
  • Improve fishing and fly-fishing programs offered at Summer Camps
  • Develop High Adventure Fishing experiences/treks for Venturing Crews
  • Improve Council Camp Fisheries by improving the resource
  • Assist in acquisition of fishing and fly-fishing tackles at special prices
  • To utilize the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation's "Take Me Fishing" Programs to support all BSA Fishing events
  • To utilize the EDGE method when educating Scouts on Fishing Skills and Equipment
  • To participate in discussion groups and share other Councils' Fishing Programs
  • Promote the BSA Complete Angler Award
  • Promote the use of BSA Certified Angling Instructor training courses to improve the success of the merit badge counselor

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