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The BSA Leave No Trace 101 course trains individuals and groups in the Leave No Trace principles and skills. The course aims to generate a general awareness of Leave No Trace principles and to impart several practical skills enabling participants to make ethical decisions in the outdoors. The course is one of the levels of Leave No Trace training in the Boy Scouts of America.


Instructor credentials:

  • Leave No Trace Trainer or Master Educator

Course length:

  • Three hours or more

Course minimum elements:

  • Must include history/need for Leave No Trace, minimum of 10-15 minutes Trainer instruction per principle, at least two principles with experiential elements (e.g., non-lecture, one of which should be sanitation/human waste disposal).
  • Scouting elements (required) include:
  • Why Leave No Trace in Scouting (10-15 mins);
  • Leave No Trace in BSA Advancement and Awards and Leave No Trace resources (10 mins)

Course syllabus:

Eligible participants:

  • Any one

Participants receive:

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