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A board of review gives Venturers an opportunity to relive the thrills, their accomplishments, and the lessons they have learned—and to get excited about them all over again! In listening to these stories, the board of review will learn how the candidate achieved the award requirements, and gain insight not only into the participant’s progress and growth but also the unit's program.

A board of review is scheduled after a Venturer completes the Discovery, Pathfinder, or Summit award requirements. The purpose is to review the quality of the candidate's experience and, through discussions and stories about the fun, adventure, and benefits of Venturing, to decide whether the Venturer has fulfilled the requirements for the award. But think of the reviews more as group interchanges where a candidate's peers participate, and are empowered and encouraged to fully engage in all that is said.

The board of review is not an "examination," and it is not meant to test a candidate on skills and activities required for an award. That has already occurred. Instead, it is an opportunity to learn about the Venturer's attitudes, accomplishments, and ideals, as they recall and relive their journeys.

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