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District Committee

A healthy District Committee is essential to the success of Scouting in local Units. A District Committee is responsible for increasing the effectiveness of Scouting throughout the District through the achievement of District goals.


District Committee Members

  • District Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • District Commissioner
  • Members at Large
  • Chartered Organization Representatives

District Committee Key

Scouter's Key

Scouter's Key Knot
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Level:Adult Scouter


  • 1. Review The District manual, No. 33070E, and the Highlight book for your position. Discuss the role of the district and your position with your committee chairman or district executive.
  • 2. Complete the District Committee Training Workshop.


  • Complete three years as a district committee member within a 5-year period. Tenure for one award cannot be used for other training awards.


  • 1. Your district must earn the Quality District Award at least once within a 3-year period.
  • 2. Take part actively in six district committee meetings.
  • 3. Help give leadership to eight projects of your operating committee or other projects as approved by your district executive (organizing a unit, running a training course, planning a camporee event, completing an FOS assignment, etc.).

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