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Explorer GOLD Award has been discontinued. (See Discontinued awards.)
Explorer GOLD Award

Explorer GOLD Award square knot
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Formally known as the Exploring Growth Opportunity in Leadership Development (G.O.L.D.) Award, this award was developed in Exploring to recognize a significant accomplishment in a young person's life. It required outstanding performance in a broad spectrum of activities related to Exploring's six experience areas (career, service, fitness, social, citizenship, and outdoor). The program was developed to challenge and to motivate young people over a period of time. No previous recipients of this award or the Explorer Achievement Award are eligible to receive the Explorer Gold Award.

Note: previous to its use for the Explorer GOLD Award, the square knot emblem was used to recognize Explorers who were awarded the Explorer Achievement Award.


Candidates must submit a written petition to their post Advisor, in which they outline their plans and ambitions for their projects to achieve the award.

The Explorer Gold Award will be presented only to young adults whose personal conduct is in keeping with the principles of the Explorer Code and the Boy Scouts of America.

Explorer GOLD Award requirements

A) The Candidates must have been in active, registered Explorer Post for at least 12 months before final qualification.

B) The candidate must have been an active member of the Explorer post and served in one or a combination of leadership roles inside or outside of Exploring, within the past 12 months with at least three months tenure (roles may be concurrent).

C) The candidates must have participated in a council, area, region, or national Explorer event.

D) Personal Growth: The candidate must plan, in consultation with post Advisor or post committee, and complete two (2) personal growth projects. These projects (goals) must relate to two of the six Exploring experience areas (career, service, fitness, social, citizenship, and outdoor). Examples of these projects are, but are not limited to, completion of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or emergency medical technician (EMT) course, or visit a nursing home over a six (6) month period to volunteer your services. Projects to achieve these two goals should not be simultaneous.

E) Post Activity Project: The candidate must plan, prepare for, and lead to completion two (2) or more post activity projects. These must relate to at least two of the six Exploring experience areas. The activities should involve at least five other Explorers and should require four to six months planning from start to finish. The goals and the project must have prior approval of the post Advisor or a member of the post committee.

F) The candidate must be able to recite the Explorer Code.

G) The candidate must submit three (3) letters of recommendation that confirm he or she lives in accordance with the principles of the Explorer Code. The letters should come from adults outside the post, such as school or church leaders, employers, or community leaders.

H) The candidate must have qualified for the Gold Award before his or her 21st birthday.

I) After completion of all other requirements, the candidate should prepare a statement of (200 words or less) their experiences as they relate to the six experience areas of Exploring, and an appraisal of how the pursuit of the Explorer Gold award aided in his/her development as a young adult and helped him/her to live in accordance with the principles of the Explorer Code. The Awards and Scholarship Committee will review the candidate's written presentation and interview the candidate to determine whether that person grew as a result of the pursuit of the Gold Award.

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