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Scouting’s Manual of
Basic and Advanced Skills
for Outdoor Adventure

First edition:1944
Latest edition:2014, 435 pages
BSA Supply Number:34006



For more than a hundred years, Scouting has introduced young people to adventure and taught them the craft of outdoor living and travel. Using skills and leadership learned while camping and hiking close to home, Scouts have gone on to climb our planet's highest peaks, explore its deepest oceans, survive in its most extreme environments, and cross the heavens to walk on the moon.

The skills and commitment to enjoy the outdoors responsibly aren't just for Scouts—they are for everyone who seeks to explore, to experience adventure, and to appreciate the natural world. That's also true of this manual. It's book of basic knowledge for safe and comfortable backcountry activities and a guide to more advanced skills for exhilarating high adventures.

Fieldbook represents the collective knowledge and experience of countless outdoor experts, mountaineers, explorers, researchers, and Scouters. We hope that you find it to be a valuable resource for your own outdoor journeys and a trusted companion along the way.

— from the Forword of Fieldbook, 2014

Table of Contents

5th Edition Table of Contents

1 Organizing for Adventure
1 Planning
2 Gearing Up
3 Menus and Meals
4 Leadership
2 Backcountry Basics
5 Camping
6 Stoves and Campfires
7 Backcountry Hygiene
8 Navigation
3 Environmenal Protection
9 Leave No Trace
10 Stewardship
4 Safety and Survival
11 Emergency Preparedness
12 Hazards
13 First Aid
14 Survival
5 Outdoor Adventuring
15 Backpacking
16 Mountain Travel
17 Hot-Weather Adventuring
18 Cold-Weather Adventuring
19 Ski Touring and Snowshoeing
20 Canoeing
21 Kayaking and Rafting
22 Caving
6 Our Natural World
23 Observing Nature
24 Examining the Earth
25 Weather
26 The Night Sky
27 Plants
28 Wildlife
Scouting and the Outdoors


  • First Edition, Scout Field Book,
    1944–1967, 14 printings, 540 pages (1st-10th printings) & 552 pages (11th-14th printings);
    Focused on advanced outdoor skills and nature appreciation.
  • Second Edition, Fieldbook,
    1967–1984, 14 printings, 565 pages;
    Added backpacking.
  • Second Edition (commercial edition), Boy Scout Fieldbook,
    Subtitle: A practical guide for everyone to life in the outdoors,
    1978, 565 pages;
    Included a 16-page color insert of Norman Rockwell Scouting paintings.
  • Third Edition, Fieldbook,
    1984–2004, 630 pages;
    Expanded to include mountaineering, snow camping, whitewater rafting and kayaking, wilderness survival, and many other outdoor activities.
  • Fourth Edition, Fieldbook,
    Subtitle: The BSA's manual of advanced skills for outdoor travel, adventure, and caring for the land,
    2004-2013, No. 33104, 614 pages
  • Fifth Edition, Fieldbook,
    Subtitle: Scouting’s Manual of Basic and Advanced Skills for Outdoor Adventure,
    2004– , No. 34006, 435 pages;
    Removed chapter from previous edition on Bicycling Touring and Mountain Biking.

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