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July 2009 BSA Theme - Be A Sport

"Not only is it important to do your best when you try new sports but it is important to understand the rules of being a "good sport" no matter how the game goes. Play ball, soccer, tennis, or any sport! Learn about a sport that you've never played before. Have a sports competition with another Cub Scout pack in your area. Have athletes from a local high school or college speak at your den or pack meeting. Ask them to teach you about their sport. Learn a sport you can play with your family: golf, tennis, bowling, swimming, or skating. Have a pack sports day. Cub Scouts can create an obstacle course for the pack to enjoy while earning the belt loop and pin for Physical Fitness or any of the many Cub Scout Sports subjects.

This theme is designed to promote character development by emphasizing these core values:

  • Perseverance. Learning a new sport and improving one’s skills requires patience and determination.
  • Cooperation. Many sports give boys practice in working together as a team." - Program Helps

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