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Professional Training Award

Professional Training Award
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Level:Professional Scouter

This award is for professional Scouters. It requires four years of service, three levels of professional training and performance levels set by Professional Directors.

This award may be earned by Associate District Executives, District Executives, District Executive multiple-persons, Senior District Executives, Venturing Executives, Senior Venturing Executives, District Directors, and Field Directors with supervisory responsibilities for District or Venturing Executives.

Professional Circle Award requirements

  • Attend all three sessions of the Professional Executive Institute (PEI) or the National Executive Institute (NEI)
  • Complete or participate in five of eight training or coaching programs (including Wood Badge, Powderhorn for Venturing Leaders, and/or National Camping School)
  • Meet all critical achievements in your District/Division/Council for two of the three years.

The Professional Circle Award/Fellowship Honor Award

The addition of the small Universal/Boy Scout device to the center of the knot emblem is earned by:

  • Complete all eight coaching or training programs
  • Meet all critical achievements within all three years
  • Complete a research paper or study to be forwarded to the National Executive Training Center for approval

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