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Team Program Adviser

A Varsity Scout Team Program Adviser is a Team Committee member and an adult counterpart to a youth Program Manager in the Varsity Scout team. The program adviser serves as a sounding board and adviser as the youth plans and is primary leader for his program.

Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)


Position description

A Program Adviser is an adult team committee member appointed to advise youth program managers for team program activities in one field of emphasis. The program adviser mentors the program manager with with being a primary leader and assists in planning for team practice sessions and events in one of the five fields of emphasis: Advancement, high-adventure/sports, personal development, service, and special programs and events.


The original aims and purposes of Scouting outlined by Lord Baden Powell were to teach boys and young men spirituality, self-reliance, service, leadership skills, emergency preparedness, and conservation of natural resources. The program adviser is the adult counterpart to each youth program manager. Each of the five fields of emphasis has an adult program adviser who serves as a sounding board and adviser to the program manager.

The program adviser wears two hats: One is the position of team committee member, taking care of the administrative duties and boards of review. The other hat is that of working with the youth program manager in a support role.


Appointed by the Team Committee Chairman (can be recommended by the Team Coach). The program adviser can be a parent of a youth member of the chartered organization. The chairman along with the team coach meets with the program adviser to review duties.

Five fields of emphasis program advisers

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