Program Features for Troops, Teams, & Crews

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Program Features for Troops, Teams, & Crews

First edition:
Latest edition:Three-volume set
BSA Supply Number:Volume 1 (2014) (SKU: 622539)
Volume 2 (2015) (SKU: 641449)
Volume 3 (2016) (SKU: 616353)

Program Features for Troops, Teams, & Crews is a three-volume set containing a total of 48 unique topics that a Scouting unit (troop, team,[Note 1] or crew) could use as either the core of its activities, or as a way to round out what’s already on the calendar.

Program Features consists of 48 themed modules to help make program planning easier for unit leaders. The mix of categories—Outdoor, Sports, Health & Safety, Citizenship & Personal Development, STEM, and Arts & Hobbies—provide the kind of variety, adventure, and increasing challenge every unit needs to keep members coming back while also facilitating advancement.


Categories and Program Features

Program Features
Category Feature Volume
Outdoor Archery Vol. 2
Outdoor Backpacking Vol. 2
Outdoor Camping Vol. 1
Outdoor Caving Vol. 3
Outdoor Climbing and Rappelling Vol. 1
Outdoor Cooking Vol. 3
Outdoor COPE Vol. 3
Outdoor Cycling Vol. 1
Outdoor Fishing Vol. 2
Outdoor Geocaching Vol. 1
Outdoor Hiking Vol. 1
Outdoor Nature and Environment Vol. 3
Outdoor Orienteering Vol. 2
Outdoor Outdoor Ethics Vol. 1
Outdoor Paddle Sports Vol. 1
Outdoor Pioneering Vol. 1
Outdoor Scuba Diving Vol. 2
Outdoor Shotgun Shooting Vol. 3
Outdoor Sustainability Vol. 3
Outdoor Swimming Vol. 3
Outdoor Wilderness Survival Vol. 2
Outdoor Wildlife Management Vol. 2
Outdoor Winter Camping Vol. 3
Health & Safety Emergency Preparedness Vol. 3
Health & Safety First Aid Adobe Acrobat PDF Vol. 1
Health & Safety Games Vol. 1
Health & Safety Safety Vol. 1
Health & Safety Special Needs Awareness Vol. 2
Citizenship & Personal Development Citizenship Vol. 2
Citizenship & Personal Development Communication Vol. 1
Citizenship & Personal Development Duty to God Vol. 3
Citizenship & Personal Development Ethics Vol. 3
Citizenship & Personal Development Financial Management Vol. 3
Citizenship & Personal Development Mentoring Vol. 2
Citizenship & Personal Development Project Planning Vol. 3
STEM Engineering Vol. 2
STEM Mathematics Vol. 2
STEM Science Vol. 1
STEM Technology Vol. 3
Sports Fitness and Nutrition Vol. 2
Sports Rifle Shooting Vol. 1
Sports Skateboarding Vol. 3
Sports Soccer Vol. 2
Sports Snowboarding and Skiing Vol. 1
Arts & Hobbies Living History Vol. 2
Arts & Hobbies Multimedia Vol. 3
Arts & Hobbies Music Vol. 2
Arts & Hobbies Spectator Sports Vol. 1


First Aid
The First Aid program feature from Volume 1 is available for download from Scouting magazine: Adobe Acrobat PDF.
The Appendix from Volume 3 is available for download: Adobe Acrobat PDF.
Program Features for Troops, Teams, & Crews replaces Troop Program Features and Varsity Team Program Features.
Troop Program Features (© 2003, last printed 2012) provided, in a three-volume set, 36 monthly features for Boy Scout Troops.
Varsity Team Program Features (© 2000, last printed 2008) provided, in a three-volume set, program ideas and instructions for 27 different sports and high-adventure activities for Varsity Scout teams[Note 1] and Boy Scouting Venture patrols.
While these older program features publications may be out of date with respect to advancement requirements, alignment with the current Guide to Safe Scouting, and developments in each of the program areas, Scouting units may find some of the information and ideas useful. These older publications are available from Scout Shops and/or for download from

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Editor's note: effective December 31, 2017, the Boy Scouts of America ended the Varsity Scouting program.

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