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Effective July 1, 2013, the ScoutParents program ended. The position of ScoutParents unit coordinator (PC) remains a registered position, but the name changed to parent coordinator. This ScoutParents Unit Coordinator article is retained for historical purposes. See parent coordinator for information on that position. The ScoutParent (PS) position and designation expired at the same time. Parents who were registered in the ScoutParent position were encouraged to register in another adult volunteer position.[1]

ScoutParents Unit Coordinator

A ScoutParents unit coordinator is a parent or adult mentor of a Scout who enthusiastically participates with their Scout and also helps other volunteers to provide the best quality program experience to all youth in every unit.

The ScoutParents unit coordinator is an appointed member of the unit committee or can be an assistant unit leader. Their job is to welcome parents, keep them informed, and encourage them to help with at least one specific task or project each year. Larger units might choose to have more than one ScoutParents unit coordinator. The ScoutParents unit coordinator position became official June 1, 2008 and the position code is "PC" The ScoutParents unit coordinator must be at least 21 years old, complete an adult application, and pay the same registration fee as other adult leaders. Find Fast Start Training for unit coordinators online.

Newly printed youth applications also mention the ScoutParents program. A checkbox in the parent section lets parents commit to being active ScoutParents. By entering an e-mail address, they can receive information from council, district, and unit leaders about ways to get involved. web site. Parents who volunteer to help will be assigned to the ScoutParent position (code is PS). The ScoutParents unit coordinator is responsible for coordinating the help provided by those ScoutParents.


Unit committee position


  • Assign every parent to help with a specific task, assignment, or project annually.
  • Orient parents on how the unit works and the benefits to their family. and
  • Keep parents updated on the unit’s program and their child’s involvement.

The goals of these responsibilities are to:

  • Develop and implement methods which encourage and empower Scouting participants to help maximize the number of dedicated Scouting youth and parents and mentors as dedicated Scouting volunteers who participate with their Scouts.
  • Leads their family in obtaining the values, benefits, experiences and rewards from their family’s Scouting participation, and in sharing these with others.
  • Enjoys participating with his or her Scout and inspires their child to persevere in Scouting with their tenure, activity participation and achievement.
  • Helps enhance youth and parent-mentor recruitment, retention, enthusiasm, commitment and participation in the passionate GREAT Family FUN of Scouting.


From the Adult Leader Application

The ScoutParent Unit Coordinator may register in more than one position in the same unit as chartered organization representative (CR), assistant den leader (DA), assistant Webelos den leader (WA), assistant Scoutmaster (SA), mate (MT), and ScoutParent Unit Coordinator.


  • 2007 — Pilot ScoutParents programs conducted in the Flint River Council (Griffin, Ga.) and the Daniel Boone Council (Asheville, N.C.).[2]
  • September 1, 2008 — ScoutParents Unit Coordinator added as new registered adult volunteer position with a position code PC.
  • Fall 2008 — ScoutParents initiative is rolled out nationwide.
  • July 1, 2013 — ScoutParents program ends. While the ScoutParent Unit Coordinator (PC) position was retained, the position has been renamed Parent Coordinator. All adults in the ScoutParent (PS) position were encouraged to register for another adult volunteer position if they had not already.[1]


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