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A Sea Scout Ship Flag
A Sea Scout Ship Flag

A Sea Scout Ship is the standard group for Sea Scouts and is composed of multiple crews, and are supported by an adult Ship Committee.

Ships are expected to meet frequently, and go on regular outings. They also hold Bridges of Honor at least once a year.


Youth members

A ship's membership follows the main structure as in Venturing Crews. Youth members of a ship are 14 years old (and have completed 8th grade) and are not yet 21. The youth gender makeup of a crew is determined by the Ship Code and Bylaws {authored and approved by the youth members) which may be coed (both males and female), all male, or all female. A ship is lead by the Boatswain and other petty officers.

Petty Officers of a Ship include:

Adult members

The ship's Officers are divided into two branches:

Liaisons between a unit and the local District and Council

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The Ship is a "unit" registered with its local BSA council and chartered to a "chartered organization." Other types of units are:


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