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Silver World Award

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The Silver World Award is for outstanding service to youth at the international level. Other
Awards are presented for service at the District, Council, Regional, National, and World level.

The Silver World Award is presented by the BSA to world citizens who give outstanding service to their nation's youth or to young people in other countries. Award recipients must be citizens of countries whose Scout associations are members of the World Scout Conference. United States citizens may receive the recognition only if they are not registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Silver World Award requirements

From § VII. Programs, Rule and Regulations — Boy Scouts of America Adobe Acrobat PDF ©2016 —

The Boy Scouts of America through the National Court of Honor, which has delegated the selection of recipients as hereinafter provided, may award the Silver World Award for distinguished service to youth as follows:

  1. The award may be presented to citizens of any country whose Scout association is a member of the World Scout Conference in recognition of his or her service of exceptional character to the youth of his or her own country or on an international basis.
  2. The recipient does not have to be a member of a Scout association. United States citizens may receive the Silver World Award for international service to youth, provided they are not registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.
  3. Approved awards may be presented by an authorized member of the Boy Scouts of America either by a personal visit with the recipient or at an official meeting of a national Scout association, including the Boy Scouts of America.
  4. Designation of recipients of the Silver World Award, by authority of the International Committee and the Executive Board, is delegated to the following:
    1. President of the Boy Scouts of America
    2. Chief Scout Executive
    3. International Commissioner
    4. Chairman of the International Committee
  5. The award may be granted upon the concurrence of any three of the above. Awards may be made at any time on behalf of the International Committee and the Executive Board. The International Committee receives a full report of the Silver World Award designation at each meeting and will maintain accumulative records of awards including support data.
  6. As evidence of the award there will be presented: a suitable certificate duly authorized by the Boy Scouts of America; and a medal suspended by a red and white ribbon to be worn around the neck when such practice does not conflict with approved uniform policy. The medal will be a circular blue enameled silver medallion upon which will be superimposed meridian lines and stars signifying the global scope of the award. An applied silver universal badge of the Boy Scouts of America will be centered upon the front of the medallion.

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The award consists of a silver medallion enameled in blue with meridian lines, stars and the universal emblem of the BSA suspended from a red and white striped ribbon worn around the neck. The medallion represents the global scope of the award. Recipients may wear the corresponding square knot, with a design that reflects the award.


The Silver World Award was created in 1971 and originally was presented to those who provided international service to the Scouting programs of the BSA, but were not registered members of the BSA.

Nominations were to be approved by the Chief Scout Executive, the national president, the international commissioner or the national commissioner, all of whom had the authority to present to any persons they might choose. In 1994, the Executive Board realized that about half of the awards presented had been awarded to registered members of the BSA, and the authority to present the award outside the criteria was rescinded.


The Silver World Award is not earned but awarded based upon nomination

Distinguished Service Awards

The Boy Scouts of America recognizes the need to acknowledge the invaluable services that men and women render to youth. Of the millions of registered adult volunteers in Scouting, only a select few are presented distinguished service awards at these level:


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