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  1. Discontinued merit badges by Group (4,532 bytes)
    43: * [[:Category:Discontinued merit badges by Group]]</noinclude>

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  1. Merit Badges (2,317 bytes)
    4: ...egree of choice in the merit badge program. A sub-group of merit badges are known as Eagle required merit...
    22: {{:Discontinued merit badges by Group}}
  2. Tour Permit (6,647 bytes)
    59: ...rness use, and [[Youth Protection]] training. The group leader is required to have a copy of the [[Guide ...
  3. International Activity Badge (4,395 bytes)
    24: :*Visit a Cub Scout group or a Boy Scout group in another country.
    52: ...e as a member of your unit or individually host a group or individual scout from another country during t...
  4. Religious Emblems (18,478 bytes)
    134: ...nal Catholic Committee on Scouting, or BSA Supply Group;
  5. American Cultures (9,105 bytes)
    50: Ethnic Group Links]
  6. Composite Materials (4,621 bytes)
    49: ;Group Projects
  7. Computers (9,293 bytes)
    10: |group= communications
  8. Dog Care (4,681 bytes)
    43: ...p-and-characteristics.html Dog Breeds Overview by Group and Characteristics]<br>
  9. Drafting (3,692 bytes)
    67: *[ Professional AutoCAD Users Group of Denver]
  10. Emergency Preparedness (25,352 bytes)
    39: ...ed list (requirement 3.g.). It is one choice of a group of two merit badges (or Lifesaving) on the list.
  11. Lifesaving (5,287 bytes)
    33: ...ed list (requirement 3.g.). It is one choice of a group of two merit badges on the list.
  12. Public Speaking (5,630 bytes)
    60: ...e a five-minute speech. Give it at a meeting of a group."
  13. Radio (20,701 bytes)
    126: ** 8.a.2 (''Tell the things a group of Scouts should be prepared to do, the training ...
  14. Swimming (5,597 bytes)
    34: ...ed list (requirement 3.j.). It is one choice of a group of three merit badges on the list.
  15. Merit Badge Counselor Orientation (19,492 bytes)
    124: ...der to offer a Scout the chance to meet a diverse group of outstanding adults.
    129: * Group instruction is acceptable, but each Scout must be...
  16. Merit Badge policies (14,345 bytes)
    23: ==Group Instruction of Merit Badges==
    24: {{shortcut|[[Group Instruction of Merit Badges]]}}
    29: a few counselors for assistance. However, this group experience should be followed by attention to eac...
    95: ...ommittee should appoint a head counselor for each group. The head counselor recruits individual counselor...
    110: ...nt committee should train counselors, either as a group or individually.
  17. Aims and Methods of Scouting (3,682 bytes)
    40: * Group Activities and Adventure
    44: * Group Identity
    50: * Group Activities
    62: * Group activities
  18. Summer Camp Merit Badge Program Outlines (4,908 bytes)
    21: ...move to those requirements best accomplished as a group. Scouts might be involved in a discussion related...
  19. BSA swimmer test (4,087 bytes)
    2: ...ardized '''BSA swim classification tests'''. Each group is assigned a specific swimming area with depths ...
  20. MeritBadge Website Network (879 bytes)
    5: The [[MeritBadge Website Network]] is a group of websites that works together to present benefi...

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