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  • Added Personal Mgmt as similar merit badge

    Saying that Cooking is covered by the Fitness pin is a bit of a stretch; saying that Personal Management (which, like Fitness, includes time management) is covered by Fitness is not. I am also a tad disturbed about RWSmith's edit's that revert without discussion; they smack of ownership. Purplebackpack89 10:55, September 4, 2011 (EDT)

    Purplebackpack89, first... let me apologize for "biting a newcomer" as well as welcome you to our wiki. I assure you, the "smack of ownership" was certainly not intended. While we do try to "flow" along MediaWiki's/Wikipedia's form and style in most aspects, we are, in fact, privately owned (and funded); and yes, we have our own way of doing things. But, we are volunteers, too (as well as human) — thus, we make mistakes, too.
    I'm sure now that you edit was in good faith, but, since you weren't yet registered on MeritBadge.Net (see: Usage standards policy) and because there was no Edit Summary (explaining the edit), I really had nothing to go on... I just couldn't see any connection between the (Webelos) Fitness pin and the Personal Management MB. In all honesty, must tell you that I simply confused the Fitness activity pin for the Personal Fitness MB and rolled it back. (In fact, before committing the rollback, I even reviewed the Personal Fitness and Personal Management MBs to try and see the relationship. So, it was my fault for going down the wrong rabbit hole in the first place.) Personally? I can definitely see a relationship between the Cooking and Personal Fitness MBs, just not for and the Personal Management and Personal Fitness MBs. That's where I got off track.
    Just FYI... about 98% of my rollbacks are due to vandalism/spam; and, about 1.9% due to our Criteria for acceptable external links policy. The remaining 0.01% are due to edits that do not have an Edit Summary and I just can't see the beneficial, positive, accurate, relative, et al, aspect of the edit, particularly if the editor is not, at least, registered on MeritBadge.Net.
    At any rate, once again, welcome, and I sincerely apologize for biting you. —RWSmith (Bureaucrat), 17:33, September 5, 2011 (EDT)
    Apology accepted. I can see the link between Fitness and the nutrition aspect of Cooking, but the problem is that you don't actually have to cook anything for Fitness. Personal Management doesn't fit well with any of the activity pins...a few of its time and money management are in this and in Family Member, but many of them are just left on the wayside. Oh, and when I realized that a registration was necessary, I registered as the Scout Leader . Purplebackpack89 13:35, September 6, 2011 (EDT)
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