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Following is the current coding for the Temp Index (Main Page of Beta testing:

  1. REDIRECT Main Page


This is the main page for the Beta testing phase, which has now ended. This page has been converted into a REDIRECT; is temporarily protected for maintenance reasons only; and, the text contained herein will eventually (soon?) most likely be deleted.

Helping Scouts Advance

Badges of Honour

Badges of Honour are also given for certain tests. These are worn on the right arm below the elbow.
Signalling: ability to read and send Morse or semaphore message, twenty letters a minute.
First Aid: for passing the St. John Ambulance tests in First Aid.
Stalking: series of twelve photos of wild animals taken from life by the scout and developed and printed by himself.
Merit: for twenty good marks for various good deeds.

Scouting For Boys (1908)

by B-P (Lieut. Gen. Baden-Powell C.B.) (more info)

Advancement Requirements



Merit Badges

Advancement Support

BSA Program Info (many answers here)

Merit Badge Program Outlines (on

Merit Badge Worksheets (on

Forms and Files (on

Discussion Forums (on

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