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 | [Template:Autotranslate/doc {{#if:ui-icon-help
 }}Parameter text is empty{{#if:
 | {{#if:ui-icon-help
 }}Parameter text is empty{{#if:


{{#invoke: fallback|autotranslate|base = TemplateDataInfo/i18n|lang= |1= |2= |3= |4= |5=|6= |7= |8= |9= |10= |11= |12= |13= |14= |15= }}{{#ifeq: Template:Autotranslate/doc |Template:TemplateDataInfo/i18n |}}
 |i18n-subpage={{#ifeq:  | . | Template:Autotranslate | Template:Autotranslate/ }}

| |{{#ifeq:Template|Template |{{#switch:-

 |autotranslate       =
 |switch              =
 |custommediawiki-msg =
 |mediawiki-msg       =
 |ext.translate       =
 |-                   =
 |#default            =



How to convert a template

Before you apply this template, first you have to prepare the template.

Pick a template

—See for example Template:Cc-by-1.0 before changes.
First you have to pick a template to autotranslate.
In this documentation, we will name our "selected template" as: Template:Template name

Create a layout template

—See for example Template:Apache/layout.
You must create a layout template, named Template:Template name/layout, to contain the layout of all language versions of the template. The easiest way to do this is to copy a layout template of a similar template.
This template should not add any categories when transcluded.

Convert existing language versions

—See for example Template:Apache/en.
All versions must be subpages of Template:Template name, and his name must use the appropriate prefix, as used on Wikipedia when adding a new language –ISO 639 language code–. For example, Spanish subpage must be named Template:Template name/es
Usually the English language link to the main template –Template:Template name–. That is incorrect, point it to the Template:Template name/en subpage.

Each language version of the template should be checked and converted to use the layout template –Template:Template name/layout–. Start with the English language version and compare it to the current template.

Note that everything that is not supposed to be included together with the template, like {{translated tag|cleanup}} or {{documentation}}, must be inside a <noinclude> tag.

Here is the syntax you must use for Template:Template name/<prefix>.

{{Template name/layout
|text=<translated text of the template>
{{translated tag|license}}

Create a documentation page

—See for example Template:Apache/doc.
Create a documentation page at Template:Template name/doc. This documentation page should include some code for creating language versions of the template. {{TemplateBox}} has a |il8n=autotranslate option which provides a standard explanation of how to localise an autotranslated template.

Convert the main template

—See for example Template:Apache.
The last step is to enable the template. Be sure to check everything before you enable the template. You can cause a really big mess! To enable the template, put this code in the template –Template:Template name–.

{{Autotranslate|1={{{1|}}}|2={{{2|}}}|3={{{3|}}}|base=template name}}

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