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This is the documentation page for Template:Belt loop/doc.
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This is the documentation for the belt loop template.



Implicit parameters

The belt loop template has two implicit parameters.

  1. The name of the belt loop -- this is also used as the name of the image (in PNG format).
  2. A link to where the belt loop requirements are listed.

Explicit parameter

The belt loop template has one explicit parameter.

  • image -- When, for formatting reasons, the name of the image must be different from the displayed caption name, it can be explicitly included.


{{belt loop|Backyard Jungle|Tiger#2015-2016 Requirements}} creates the following:

Backyard Jungle

{{belt loop|Call of the Wild|Wolf#2015-2016_Requirements}} creates the following:

Call of the Wild

{{belt loop|Tiger: Safe and Smart|Tiger#2015-2016 Requirements|image=Tiger- Safe and Smart}} is an example of using the explicit image parameter and creates the following:

Tiger: Safe and Smart


For future expansion, if the default of PNG is no longer desired, it can be explicitly changed to any other format, or: {{{image|{{{1}}}}}}.png could be changed to {{{fullimage|{{{image|{{{1}}}}}}.png}}} to add a second explicit "fullimage" parameter that would allow the full name of an image to be given (for instance: "image=Tiger- Safe and Smart.jpg"). This is not done at this time to give the server less text to parse and because it's not needed.

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