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To obtain a merit badge for Wireless, a scout must:

  1. Be able to receive and send correctly not less than ten words a minute.
  2. Know the correct form for sending a message.
  3. Be able to tell in own words the principal laws regarding radio communication.
  4. Know at least ten of the radiogram abbreviations. (Q signals)
  5. (a) Be able to name two types of detectors and explain how they work. (b) Name five minerals used in detectors in the order of their sensitiveness.
  6. Draw a diagram of a simple transmitting set, showing how the following instruments are connected: dynamo or storage battery (source of power), transformer, condenser, spark, gap, helix, key. Explain the function of each.
  7. Draw a simple diagram showing how to connect the following instruments; tuning coil or loose coupler, detector, fixed or variable condensers, phones and ground. Tell the use of the above apparatus.
  8. Draw a diagram of three different types of aerials and tell their advantages or faults.
  9. (a) Know how properly ground a radio set and know what precautions to take during a thunder shower. (b) Demonstrate how to rescue a person in contact with a live wire, and have a knowledge of the method of resuscitation of a person insensible from shock.
  10. Write a brief essay on development of wireless telegraphy.
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