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William H. Spurgeon award

William H Spurgeon Award Knot
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The William H. Spurgeon Award is the highest recognition presented to adult Exploring leaders, businesses, and organizations at both the local and national level for service in support of the Exploring program.



The Spurgeon Award was developed in honor of a leader in the development of Exploring, William H Spurgeon III. Spurgeon organized many special interest posts in the 1960s. He served as a member of the National Council Executive Board and National Exploring Committee. His efforts led to the present Exploring program. He devoted much of the late 1960s to promoting Exploring and is particularly remembered as a dynamic speaker for Exploring Impact Plan luncheons across America. Spurgeon passed away in 1970.

Nomination Procedure

The award is designed for council use to recognize individuals or organizations contributing significant leadership to the Exploring program. The award is also presented regionally and nationally. Each council may determine the criteria and procedure for granting the award; therefore, each council develops its own nomination form. Candidates for this award must be nominated.


The council may present the Spurgeon Award to men and women who have rendered outstanding leadership to the Exploring program either as an Explorer Post adult leader or as a district, division, or council Exploring adult volunteer.


The council may present the Spurgeon Award to schools, businesses, industries, labor unions, governmental agencies, civic clubs, fraternal groups, and other community organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding record of providing significant leadership to the Exploring program.


Only holders of individual awards may wear the award knot (not officers or employees of a firm that received the award).

Candidates for this award must be nominated.

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