¡Scouting ... Vale la Pena! Service Award

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¡Scouting ... Vale la Pena! Service Award

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Level:Adults or organizations

The purpose of the ¡Scouting ... Vale la Pena! Service Award is to recognize outstanding services by an adult individual or an organization for demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for Hispanic American/Latino youth.


Reasons for Recommending A Nominee

Guidelines for the Committee Submitting A Nomination

The following are examples of the criteria, a combination of which might make a possible candidate for this recognition. They suggest what the nominating committee should be looking for. This list is not definitive, as there are many ways in which an outstanding contribution can be made to Hispanic American/Latino youth.

Give facts, dates, and offices held that show specific accomplishments of the nominee in contributing to Scouting for Hispanic American/Latino youth. You also may include other services (activities in business, civic, religious, educational, service, other fields) that indirectly assisted in extending an opportunity to such youth.

NOTE: Accomplishments (quantitative and qualitative), as opposed to number of years of involvement, should be the more important criteria for receiving this award. For each criterion, please be specific as to how the candidate has influenced Hispanic American/Latino youth and their communities. (A biography will not be accepted as a substitute for a completed application.)


The nominee has made a significant contribution while acting as an advocate for Hispanic Americans/Latinos, encouraging outreach to improve their conditions, and sensitizing Scouting’s and America’s leadership to these conditions. The nominee:

  1. Actively served on the committees or boards that promoted activities and services for Hispanic American/Latino communities.
  2. Extended Scouting opportunities to Hispanic American/Latino youth.
  3. Assisted the local council executive board and district committee(s) in the recruitment of key leadership.
  4. Participated in the development of volunteer leadership in Hispanic American/Latino communities.
  5. Responded to hands-on activities at summer camp, community service projects, or other activities of special help to Hispanic Americans/Latinos.
  6. Enabled Hispanic American/Latino organizations to better understand the benefits of Scouting for Hispanic American/Latino youth and families.
  7. Created better understanding of the application of the aims and ideals of Scouting in Hispanic American/Latino communities.
  8. Gave leadership in promoting Scouting for Hispanic American/Latino youth regardless of race, religion, economic background, or creed. Helped others understand how to make Scouting operations meaningful to Hispanic Americans/Latinos, including outreach and organization methods.
  9. Provided, through achievements and deeds, a civic and charitable role model for Scouts,Venturers, and Scouters.
  10. Gave leadership to funding, training,methods development, and/or other administrative support necessary to make Scouting effective in Hispanic American/Latino communities.

Council Procedures

  1. Recipients are approved nationally through nomination by a local council. (Councils should use ¡Scouting…Vale la Pena! Service Award Nomination Form, No. 11-193 Adobe Acrobat PDF. Copies may be obtained from the National Distribution Center, 2109 Westinghouse Boulevard, P.O. Box 7143, Charlotte, NC 28241-7143.)
  2. The award is presented to people at all levels of the organization (executive board, district Scouters, unit personnel) and to people of all races and income levels.
  3. The council’s annual quota of awards shall not exceed the number of districts in the council. Emphasis is on being selective, with no intention that the full quota must be used every year. The quota is noncumulative.
  4. The council president designates a committee to administer the award for the council. This may be a special ¡Scouting…Vale la Pena! Award committee or the council’s advancement and recognition committee, Silver Beaver committee, or council Scoutreach committee. The committee should include at least one person who is familiar with the serving Hispanic American/Latino families. The Scout executive or a designated staff member serves as adviser to the committee.
  5. The committee screens, prioritizes, and selects worthy nominees. Nominations may be submitted to the committee by committee members, professional staff, or any other registered Scouter.
  6. Nominations are then submitted by the local council to the Scoutreach Division at the national office. Please allow 60 days for review and consideration of approval by a national volunteer committee and delivery of the award. Approval should be received before the award is announced or presented.
  7. Select a highly visible event with an appropriate ceremony to present the award. Council and district appreciation dinners, annual business meetings, testimonial dinners, or a major function that the recipient is associated with provide excellent settings for the award presentation.
  8. The presentation might also involve other community agencies that are actively involved with serving the Hispanic American/Latino community (such as LULAC, National Council of La Raza, or U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce).

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