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The Unit Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan is available through local councils. Information is available through the local council and is typically included in unit charter renewal kits. The coverage must be applied for by the unit.

Accident Insurance Plan provides accident medical expenses and accidental death and dismemberment while participating in any approved or supervised scouting activity, including going to and from meetings. New members are automatically covered under the plan until the renewal date. Non-scouts attending scheduled activities (including group travel to and from such activities) for the purpose of being encouraged to participate in Scouting are also automatically covered. However, the plan does not cover Parents, siblings or other guests.

From: Unit Accident Insurance Brochure at LaSalle Council 2004

Although Scouting programs are designed for safety, accidents may happen. This insurance program is designed to help meet the costs of medical care, paralysis, dismemberment and death. Claims involving medical and surgical treatment are payable on a Primary Excess basis.


Who is to be insured?

  • All registered youth (Tiger Club Den, Cub Pack, Scout Troop, Venturing Crew) must be insured. Leaders and committeepersons, as a group, may be insured at their option.
  • New members added during the year are automatically covered under this plan until the renewal date without additional premium. This includes leaders and committeepersons, if insured.
  • Non Scouts, Non Scouters and guests attending scheduled activities for the purpose of being encouraged to become registered leaders or Scouts are automatically insured at no additional cost. Other guests are not covered.

What does this insurance cover?

The insurance provides benefits, while the coverage is in force, for injuries to an insured person, anywhere in the world, while:

  • Participation in an official Scouting activity. Seasonal camp staff are also covered during their off-duty hours; and
  • Traveling to or from an official Scouting activity.

Automobile Accident Insurance

The Local Tour Permit and National Tour Permit require information about the auto insurance for each vehicle. The Guide to Safe Scouting sets minimum requirements and recommendations.

8. All vehicles must be covered by automobile liability insurance with limits that meet or exceed requirements of the state in which the vehicle is licensed. It is recommended that coverage limits are at least $50,000/$100,000/$50,000. Any vehicle designed to carry 10 or more passengers is required to have limits of $100,000/$500,000/$100,000.
Guide to Safe Scouting

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