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When it becomes clear that a Scout may complete a significant rank advancement, a question may be raised as to whether he is or has been "active." Fortunately the Boy Scouts maintain clear rules as to when a Scout is "active."

A Registered Scout is an Active Scout

Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures #33088 © 1989, 2007 Printing p. 24

A Scout will be considered "active" in his unit if he is:
1. Registered in his unit (registration fees are current)
2. Not dismissed from his unit for disciplinary reasons.
3. Engaged by his unit leadership on a regular basis

(informed of unit activities through Scoutmaster
conference or personal contact, etc.)

Inactive Scouts Are Removed at Each Recharter

Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service #33621 © 1990, 2007 Printing p. 44

Youth Member Listing
Go through the computerised Charter Renewal sheets and draw a line through the complete information for any youth no longer active in the unit. Make sure every active youth in the unit is on the list.

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