Administrative Vice President

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Administrative Vice President
Selected by:Youth post or club members
Reports to:Post or Club President

The Administrative Vice President is a second highest-ranking leader of the Explorer post or club along with the Program Vice President. Elected by the youth post or club members, he or she works together with the leadership team.


Reports to


  • Serves as administrative officer of the post or club
  • Assumes the responsibilities of the post or club president in his or her absence
  • Leads the recruiting and admission of new members during the year
  • Organizes and recognizes the achievements of post or club members
  • Conducts opening and closing ceremonies for special occasions as scheduled
  • Attends all post or club activities
  • Participates in the council EOA program planning conference
  • Approaches Exploring in a spirit of fun, and seeks to reflect this spirit in the recruiting of new members and through recognizing the achievements of post or club members

The key responsibilities that characterize the position are:

  1. Leading the recruiting efforts for new post or club members
  2. Managing the recognition of members.


The Administrative Vice President is the second-highest youth leader in its unit. Other second youth leaders are:

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