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An Assistant Scoutmaster is an adult leader age 18 or over who assist the Scoutmaster in delivering the troop program.

Assistant Scoutmaster



Assistant Scoutmaster

Assistant Scoutmasters identified in the BSA's Troop organizational chart are as follows:

  • Assistant Scoutmaster regular (aka experienced) patrol. Assists in providing two-deep leadership in smaller troops; may be assigned to one or more regular patrols in larger troops.
  • Assistant Scoutmaster - new-Scout patrol. Works with the Troop Guide, new-Scout Patrol Leader and Den Chief to help deliver the troop program to Scouts without experience (often 11- and 12-year olds) entering the troop. While not the proper title, this position is more commonly known as the "Eleven-year-old Scout Leader" in LDS units because the LDS Primary Organization of the 11-year-old new-Scout patrol is separate from the rest of the troop, and therefore rarely has a Troop Guide.
  • Assistant Scoutmaster - Venture. Works with the Venture Patrol Leader in delivering high adventure and sports program the Venture patrol who's members are usually 13+ and of higher rank.

Assistant Scoutmasters in larger troops may be directed by the Scoutmaster to assist in skills instruction and adult assistance with delivering the troop program. Duties may overlap or assist with roles in the Troop Committee. Assistant Scoutmasters not on BSA's troop organizational chart may be assigned and charged for specific duties. Common examples are:

  • Assistant Scoutmaster - Program. Understands the troop program and may be assigned to work with an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in charge of program.
  • Assistant Scoutmaster - Service. Assists in the troop's service activities, and may be assigned to work with the Quartermaster.
  • Assistant Scoutmaster - Technology. Understands the troop computer and audio-visual equipment.
  • Assistant Scoutmaster - Administration. Assists with records and materials; may be assigned to work with the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Assistant Eleven-year-old Scout Leader. Functions as the adult Scout leader to the new Scout patrol in LDS units (see above). Provides two-deep leadership in this patrol.

Assistant Scoutmasters assigned to assist or guide one specific patrol may also be know as a Patrol Advisor.


Scout Leader
  • This is the only troop adult leader position for adults age 18-20.
  • Assist the Scoutmaster as directed
  • Works with other responsible adults to bring Scouting to boys.
  • Uses the methods of Scouting to achieve the aims of Scouting.
  • Can be male or female, but must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Is appointed by the Scoutmaster and approved by the Troop Committee Chair.
  • Abide by the Scout Oath or Promise and the Scout Law.
  • Subscribe to the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principle
  • All volunteers are expected to complete Youth Protection training. It is available online on the Web site As a volunteer, you are expected to complete the training within 90 days of assuming a leadership position.


The Assistant Scoutmaster is an assistant to the top youth-facing adult leader in the unit. Other assistant unit leaders are:


Adult leaders must possess the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary for positive leadership to youth. They must also:

The adult leader application process will not be complete until Youth Protection training has been completed and a criminal background check has been obtained.


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