Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

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The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader directly assists the Senior Patrol Leader. Troop leadership positions, such as the Scribe and Instructors (but not Patrol Leaders) report directly to him at Patrol Leaders' Councils. He is appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader under the guidance of the Scoutmaster.


  • Help with leading meetings and activities as called upon by the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Take over troop leadership in the absence of the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Supervise the troop leadership positions, and be prepared to perform the duties of those offices on a temporary basis if needed.
  • Perform tasks assigned by the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Assist in the training of younger scouts along with the Troop Guide and Instructors.
  • Regularly attends troop meetings, troop campouts, and troop events during his service period.
  • Provide a role model to the troop of cheerful service and an example of following the principles of scouting.
  • Enthusiastically wear the Scout Uniform correctly.
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law
  • Show Scout spirit.
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