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== Webelos Den Leader Resources ==
== Webelos Den Leader Resources ==
{{Webelos Leader portal}}
{{Webelos Den Leader portal}}
{{Cub Scout Leader See Also}}
{{Cub Scout Leader See Also}}
{{Cub Scout Leader Resources}}
{{Cub Scout Leader Resources}}

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Assistant Webelos Den Leader
Purview:Webelos Den
Reports to:Webelos Den Leader

The Assistant Webelos Den Leader shares the work of the Webelos Den Leader and may be called upon to handle various details of den operation. Every Webelos den should have at least one assistant den leader.


The assistant Webelos den leader's responsibilities are to:

  • Help the Webelos den leader as needed and carry out the duties assigned by the Webelos den leader. Be ready to fill in for the den leader in case of an emergency.
  • Help establish and maintain a close working relationship with the Webelos den leader and Webelos den chief, functioning with them as a den leadership team.
  • Help establish and maintain good relationships with neighborhood Boy Scout troops into which Webelos Scouts will graduate.
  • Complete Webelos den leader Fast Start Training, position-specific Basic Leader Training, and Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders. Attend monthly roundtables.
  • Attend monthly Pack Meetings and help as needed.
  • Take part in the annual pack program planning conference and monthly pack leaders' meetings.
  • Attend the monthly den chief planning meeting for den leaders, assistant den leaders, and den chiefs.
  • Support the policies of the BSA.


  • Is at least 21 years old, subscribes to the Declaration of Religious Principle, and agrees to abide by the Scout Oath or Promise and the Scout Law. Possesses the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive leadership to youth. Is able to perform the duties assigned by the Webelos den leader. Should be able to fill in for the Webelos den leader in case of an emergency. Recommended by the Cubmaster after consultation with the Webelos den leader and parents or guardians of the Webelos Scouts involved, and approved by the pack committee and chartered organization. Registered as an adult leader of the BSA.

Webelos Den Leader Resources

Webelos Den Leader portal

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