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Associate Advisors

A Venturing Crew Associate Advisor is an adult backup leader for the Crew Advisor, and can be male or female, but must be at least 21 years of age.

Typical Venturing crew organization chart (click to zoom)



Venturing crews have two or more associate advisors:

Associate Advisor for Administration

The primary role of the associate Advisor for administration is to work in partnership with the youth Vice President - Administration. Together they coordinate the recruitment of new members, sustain the interest of the current members, and provide recognition for the individual achievements of crew members.

  • Provides backup leadership for the Advisor and assumes responsibility for the crew in the Advisor's absence.
  • Supports the youth administrative vice president and assists this person specifically with the crew's recruitment and recognition efforts.
  • Knows the Advisor's responsibilities and supports the responsibilities in whatever way possible.
  • Helps encourage Venturer advancement; maintains advancement records, including the crew advancement chart; and reviews advancement progress at each meeting. Also, serves as an advocate for advancement programming.

Associate Advisor for Program

The primary role of the associate Advisor for program is to work in partnership with the youth Vice President - Program. They discover and survey the interests of the members on an ongoing basis, plan and schedule the activities for the crew, and evaluate completed activities.

  • Supports the youth program vice president to help determine the interests of the members, plan the year's program, and ensure that the crew calendar is maintained.
  • Supports and coaches the activity chairs to help them plan and carry out their particular activity.
  • Helps the program vice president and other officers to evaluate completed activities and to continually fine-tune the year's program of activities, based on insights gained from the evaluations.

Other Associate Advisors

Larger crews or crews with a unique program may have a number of adults serving as associate Advisors. Depending on the crew organization, their responsibilities may include providing equipment and transportation, making parental contact, planning special activities and several projects, or helping with a superactivity. A crew may recruit as many associate Advisors as it deems necessary to carry out program plans.


The Associate Crew Advisor is an assistant to the top youth-facing adult leader in the unit. Other assistant unit leaders are:


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