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{{Prepare|[[Cub Scout Leader Portal|Cub Scout]], [[Boy Scout Portal|Boy Scout]], and [[Venturing Portal|Venturing]] ranks and resources are on the [[Main Page]].<br> Also see the [[Merit Badge Worksheets|Merit Badge]], [[Cub Scout Worksheets|Belt Loop]], and [[Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets|Webelos]] worksheets.|auto}}
<center><big>MeritBadge.Org offers resources for hundreds of [[Awards]] for [[Cub Scout Leader Portal|Cub Scouts]], [[Boy Scout Portal|Boy Scouts]], and [[Venturing Portal|Ventures]].<br> Rank resources are on the [[Main Page]]. Adult leaders may be recognized with [[Scouter Awards]].</big></center><br>
Youth members can earn a variety of awards including Honor Awards presented as special recognition. Adult leaders may be presented with [[Scouter Awards]]
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MeritBadge.Org offers resources for hundreds of Awards for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Ventures.
Rank resources are on the Main Page. Adult leaders may be recognized with Scouter Awards.

Unit Awards

Qualified Venturers may earn Boy Scout awards.

List of all Scouting Awards
Full list of Boy Scouts & Varsity Resources
Unit Awards

Qualified male Venturers who have achieved First Class as a Boy Scout may earn all Boy Scout awards and Merit Badges until their 18th birthday.

List of all Scouting Awards

Other Leadership and training awards

  • Powder Horn
  • Wood Badge
  • Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
  • Community Organization Awards
    • Boy Scout Volunteer Award, NSSAR
    • Cliff Dochterman Award, Rotary
    • Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award
    • George Meany Award (is also part of this category, but retains the use of its original square knot)
    • Herbert G. Horton Alpha Phi Omega] Service to Youth Award
    • Marvin M. Lewis Award, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
    • Raymond A. Finley , Jr. Sea Scout Service Award, United States Power Squadrons
    • Ruritan Scout Leader Community Service Award, Ruritan National Service Club
    • Scouter's Achievement Award, Veterans of Foreign Wars
    • Scouting Square Knot Award, American Legion
    • United States Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, United States Department of Defense
  • ScoutReach National President's Award
  • Dr. Frank "Tick" Coleman Service Award
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