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(|replaced in= Replaced in)
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|source1= Replaced
|source1= Replaced
|source2= [[Beefarming]]
|source2= [[Beefarming]]
|replaced in= Replaced in
|replaced by = [[Beekeeping]]
|replaced by = [[Beekeeping]]

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Bee Keeping merit badge has been discontinued. (See discontinued merit badges.)

Bee Keeping merit badge
Status: Discontinued BSA Advancement ID: 28
Created: 1915 Replaced: Beefarming
Replaced in: 1955 Replaced by: Beekeeping


[[Category:Discontinued {{{group}}} merit badges]]

Bee Keeping merit badge replaced Beefarming in 1915, and was renamed to Beekeeping for 1956.

Bee Keeping requirements

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  • The design of the patch has changed four times - with a different version of the bee each time.

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