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[[Category:Youth positions]]
[[Category:Youth positions]]

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Serving as Boatswain's mate can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirements for Star, Life, and Eagle.

Boatswain's Mate
Selected by:
Reports to:Boatswain

The Boatswain's Mate is the second highest-ranking youth leader of the Sea Scout ship.


Position description

The Boatswain's Mate is in-training to be Boatswain. It is expected that the person elected to this position will become the Boatswain the following season unless he or she is found to be incompetent, or fails to complete rank requirements prior to elections for the season he or she is to be Boatswain. The Boatswain’s Mate should attend as many activities as possible and be the constant shadow of the Boatswain.


  • A candidate for this position must have a desire to be Boatswain.
  • Able Seaman Rank.
  • Served as a Crew Leader.

Reports to



The Boatswain's mate is the second-highest youth leader in its unit. Other second youth leaders are:

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