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Clove Hitch(Method 1)
Clove Hitch
(Method 1)
Clove Hitch(Method 2)
Clove Hitch
(Method 2)
Clove hitch

See The Ashley Book of Knots # 1245, p. 224. Grog notes: "The Clove Hitch was, originally, included here with the intention of condemning it. It does have two major failings: it slips and, paradoxically, can also bind."

Clove comes from the word cleave meaning “to split”, clove hitch is split into two parts like the foot of a deer or a sheep – used to end lashings… form the first half hitch of the clove hitch by taking a bight (loop) around the pole and then across itself.

Form the second half hitch of the clove hitch by taking the second bight around the pole and tucking the end of the rope under the rope between the two loops. When pulled tight, the clove hitch should look like an X. The difference between a clove hitch and two half-hitches is that a clove hitch is tied around an object and two half-hitches are tied around the rope’s own standing part.

An alternative way of tying a clove hitch it to make and overhand loop in the rope. Then make a second overhand loop next to the first loop. Next, without turning over either loop, place the first loop on top of the second loop. Finally, place the two loops over the end of a pole or around the neck of the bear bag and pull tight.

Boy Scout Handbook p. 139
Required for

Loop over the top. Loop around again below. Pull through the hole.

The Clove hitch is one of the Forty Knots.

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