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Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service

Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service knot
Created:Summer 2011
Last updated:
Level:Adult Leader

The Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service is an insightful, intuitive award that defines excellent unit commissioner service. The new award was developed as a nationwide effort to engage Scouting volunteers and professional Scouters to work together in focusing on unit retention. Any registered commissioner who is providing direct unit service is eligible to earn the Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service. The knot was introduced by the National Commissioner Service Task Force and approved by the national BSA Awards and Recognition Committee.

A commissioner may earn this award up to three times while registered as a commissioner at any level. A square knot is available for uniform wear, with added devices awarded for the second and third achievements.


Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service requirements


Award Criteria

I. General Requirements

A. Any registered commissioner who provides direct exemplary unit service as set forth by the award criteria over a minimum period of two consecutive years is eligible to receive the Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service. A Commissioner may earn this award up to three times. Each subsequent award shall be earned independently of the previous award and no criteria from a previous award may be used to satisfy the criteria for a new award, including the two‐year time in service requirement.
Any administrative Commissioner, including those serving in a District, Council, Area, Regional or National capacity is eligible to earn this award, provided the unit service meeting the above requirement has been recognized and approved by the District Commissioner serving the District where the unit is located.
B. The commissioner continually exhibits a high degree of Scout Spirit as exemplified by the Scout Oath and Law and, in doing so, the commissioner will be a champion in imparting Scout Spirit to others.

II. Unit Service Criteria

A. Develop a Unit Service Plan for a specified unit(s)
1. Unit Information
Date Started: __________________
Unit Type: __________________
Unit No.: __________________
Baseline Journey to Excellence Score: _______________
Recognition Level: _______________
2. Initial Detailed Assessment
At the beginning of developing the Unit Service Plan and in collaboration with the Unit Key 3 through the utilization of the Detailed Assessment function in Commissioner Tools, identify specific areas for improvement that would result in higher quality unit performance and improved Journey to Excellence Scores. These areas for improvement should focus on specific Journey to Excellence criteria.
3. Unit Service Plan
Using the results of the initial Detailed Assessment in Section 2 above, develop a Unit Service Plan utilizing SMART goals, focusing on strengthening the unit, resulting in improved Journey to Excellence scores (SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Based). The plan should be developed in collaboration with the Unit’s Key 3 and the Commissioner, and documented in Commissioner Tools.[1]
4. Subsequent Detailed Assessments
Building upon the Unit Service Plan, described in Section 3 above, conduct four additional Detailed Assessments utilizing Commissioner Tools in conjunction with the unit’s Key 3. These assessments will be conducted at least twice a year over a period of two consecutive years. The objective of each assessment is: (a) to determine the unit’s progress towards achieving the goals specified in the Unit Service Plan (Section 3 above), and (b) to modify and/or revise the Unit Service Plan as may be appropriate based upon the most recent assessment.
Dates completed year 1: #1 ____________________ #2 ____________________
Dates completed year 2: #1 ____________________ #2 ____________________
5. Link to District/Council Resources
The Commissioner will demonstrate that he/she functioned as a link between the unit and the District/Council in obtaining the resources and assistance from the District/Council that were needed to support the written Unit Service Plan.[1]
6. Improvement in Journey to Excellent Performance
Results of the Unit Service Plan developed in this section indicate improvement in the unit’s Journey to Excellence performance over the two‐year cycle as documented in either a. or b. below:
a. For units that are not at the Gold level for Journey to Excellence (JTE) at the time of the Initial Detailed Assessment (II.A.1), there shall be significant improvement in the unit’s Journey to Excellence Score each year. If the unit achieves the Gold recognition level, the Gold level shall be maintained for each subsequent JTE recognition.
Year 0 JTE Score ____________________ JTE Level ____________________
Year 1 JTE Score ____________________ JTE Level ____________________
Year 2 JTE Score ____________________ JTE Level ____________________
b. For units that have achieved the Gold level for Journey to Excellence at the time the initial Detailed Assessment, the unit shall maintain its Gold level standing.
Year 0 JTE Level ____________________
Year 1 JTE Level ____________________
Year 2 JTE Level ____________________
B. Commissioner Service to all Assigned Units
1. Unit Contacts
a. For each assigned unit, the Commissioner will meet with the Unit’s Key 3 twice per year to discuss the unit’s progress toward Journey to Excellence and other identified issues. Prior to each meeting, in collaboration with the Unit’s Key 3, the applicant will conduct a Detailed Assessment of the unit utilizing Commissioner Tools (includes Detailed Assessments conducted in Sections II.A. 2 and 4). [1]
b. In addition to the meetings with the Unit Key 3 in II.B.1.a. above, the Commissioner shall make a minimum of six on‐site contacts per year for each assigned unit, each contact occurring in a separate month. The on‐site contacts shall be logged into Commissioner Tools. Examples include: unit meetings, unit activities, leader/committee/parent meetings, camporees and summer camp visits. [1]
c. For each assigned unit, the Commissioner shall make a minimum of four significant contacts per year in addition to those made in II. B. 1.a. & b. above, by telephone, two‐way electronic communication, or in person. These contacts shall be logged into Commissioner Tools.[1]
2. Linkage of Resources
When appropriate, the Commissioner readily serves as the link between the units he/she serves and the District/Council to provide the resources/assistance needed to support those units. [1]
3. On Time Charter Renewal and Journey to Excellence
a. For each unit assigned, hold membership inventories, training verifications, and Journey to Excellence progress review meetings.
b. Each unit assigned to the Commissioner shall complete the Charter Renewal on time.
c. The Commissioner shall conduct a formal Charter presentation at an appropriate function. If not part of the Charter presentation, the Commissioner will present the Unit’s Journey to Excellence recognition at an appropriate function.

III. Personal Development Criteria

A. The commissioner routinely attends district commissioner cabinet meetings (verified by the district commissioner or his/her designee).
B. The commissioner will attend a minimum of one continuing education event each year while working toward this award. The continuing education events can include: District, Council, Area or Regional Colleges of Commissioner Sciences or Commissioner Conferences; Philmont, Florida Sea Base, or Summit Training. Additionally, such training may include: Woodbadge, University of Scouting, or other significant Scout related training.
Year 1 Event ______________________________________________ Date ____________________
Year 2 Event ______________________________________________ Date ____________________
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 This requires verification by the District Commissioner or his/her designee.

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