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Introduction Your challenge as a summer camp merit badge counselor is to see that the Scouts who attend your session have the best opportunity to learn about cooking. It is important that they have a positive experience. This lesson plan is designed to help you plan a logical, high-quality program. You may have to use a slightly different approach in presenting the material based on your camp resources and facilities.
Resources Several requirements of this merit badge can not be completed at camp. These are based on taking several overnighters of varying lengths. In order to complete these overnighters, the remaining requirements should be done. Therefore, the requirements for this merit badge that are completed at camp will provide only a partial completion of the Cooking merit badge. Troops need to be notified about this before attending summer camp.

1 Greet Scouts A. Examine all merit badge cards for the Scoutmaster's signature. Make a roster of the Scouts.
Discuss B. Review requirements 2 and 3 and have Scouts begin planning menus.
Discuss/Demonstrate C. Discuss and demonstrate requirement 4. Have Scouts build fires.
Discuss D. Discuss cooking plans for the rest of the week.
2 Discuss/Demonstrate A. Have Scouts discuss and demonstrate requirements 3a, b, c, and d.
Prepare B. Have Scouts do requirements 7a-c.
3 Demonstrate A. Prepare one of the meals planned in requirements 2a or 2b and 4c for cleanup.
Plan B. Do requirement 5a, planning.
4 Prepare A. Prepare another meal planned in requirement 3.
B. While preparing the meal, work on items in 4.
Note C. Inform the Scoutmaster of any Scout who might not complete the badge.
5 Wrap up A. Wrap up all the requirements. Prepare the merit badge cards for the

proper signatures. If any Scout does not complete all the requirements, make sure that his records properly indicate the requirements that he has completed and that the Scout knows why he did not complete the badge requirements.

B. Submit necessary records to the camp program director.

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