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{{Webelos Badge Header}}<center><big>[[{{PAGENAME}}]] is preparing you for the [[Boy Scout]] [[Woodwork]] [[Merit Badge]].</big> &nbsp;<span style="border: 1px outset Khaki; background:LemonChiffon;">&nbsp;[[Communicator|<small>◄ </small>Prev]]&nbsp;</span> - <span style="border: 1px outset #FFB; background: #DFC;">&nbsp;[[Engineer|Next<small> ►</small>]]&nbsp;</span></center><br>
{{Webelos Badge Header|Communicator|Engineer|}}
{{Webelos Prepare|[[Woodwork]]}}{{Infobox_WebelosActivityBadge
{{Webelos Prepare|[[Woodwork]]}}
|name= Craftsman
|name= Craftsman
|image = CraftsmanActivityBadge.jpg
|image = CraftsmanActivityBadge.jpg
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{{Webelos Activity Badge introduction}}
{{Webelos Activity Badge introduction}}
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*The Webelos Craftsman Activity Badge can help prepare you for the Boy Scout [[Woodwork]] Merit Badge.
*The Webelos Craftsman Activity Badge can help prepare you for the Boy Scout [[Woodwork]] Merit Badge.
'''Trade Awards'''
{{Trade Awards Links}}
{{Trade Awards Links}}

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Webelos Scout Craftsman activity badge (pin) resources include the Craftsman worksheet Adobe Acrobat PDF
and cross-references for related Cub Scout belt loops & pins and Cub Scout awards.
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The Webelos Craftsman activity badge helps prepare Webelos Scouts for the Boy Scout Woodwork merit badge(s).

Activity Badge

The Webelos Craftsman Activity Badge is one of 20 different Activity Badges that can be earned in the Webelos Scout Program. The requirements are typically worked on during den meetings or den activities while the skills are practiced at home, with the help of the Webelos Scout's family. The requirements are either completed with the den or at home with the den leader's approval. Projects are brought to meetings to share with the den and for Webelos Den Leader or Activity Badge Counselor approval.


Craftsman requirements

Do these:
  1. Explain how to safely handle the tools that you will use for this activity badge.
  2. With adult supervision and using hand tools, construct two different wooden objects you and your Webelos den leader agree on, such as the items listed below. Use a coping saw or jigsaw for these projects. Put them together with glue, nails, or screws. Paint or stain them.
Book rack
Bulletin board
Weather vane
Tie rack
Letter holder
Notepad holder
Towel rack
Recipe holder
Lamp stand
Kitchen knife rack
Kitchen utensil rack
Napkin holder
Animal cutouts
Garden tool rack
Lid holder
Desk nameplate
Letter, bill, and pencil
Bread box
Key rack
Measuring cup rack
Measuring spoon rack
  1. Make a display stand or box to be used to display a model or an award. Or make a frame for a photo or painting. Use suitable material.
  2. Make four useful items using materials other than wood that you and your Webelos den leader agree on, such as clay, plastic, leather, metal, paper, rubber, or rope. These should be challenging items and must involve several operations.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Webelos Handbook, 2007 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #637685)

The text of these requirements may be locked. In that case, they can only be edited
by an administrator.
Please note any errors found in the above requirements on this article's Talk Page.


Worksheet A FREE workbook for Craftsman is available here! Adobe Acrobat PDF
with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need!
Or click here to print just the Craftsman requirements. has PDF and DOC versions of
Boy Scout merit badge workbooks,
Webelos workbooks, and Cub Scout workbooks.

Requirement resources

1. Hand tool safety. - pp.199-200

2. "...construct two different wooden objects... Use a coping saw or jigsaw...Put them together with glue, nails, or screws. Paint or stain them." - pp.200-205

  • One project might be a Pinewood Derby car or a Space Derby Rocket if you use a coping saw or jigsaw.
  • has many craft ideas but make sure that you pick wooden objects that require the use of a coping saw or jigsaw and other hand tools.
  • Other sites with help in making wooden objects using jigsaws, coping saws and hand tools: - Sawdust Making 101 - Woodworking Tips - - Popular Woodworking - American Woodworker - Absolutely Free Plans
Video Lessons:

3. Note that no material is specified. Heavy card stock or mat board board could be used to make picture frames. - pp.205-206
4. "Make four useful items using materials other than wood. - pp.206-210 "Useful" means "capable of being put to use." You are not requried to "decorate" the "useful" items you make.

General Resources

Related awards

  • The Webelos Craftsman Activity Badge can help prepare you for the Boy Scout Woodwork Merit Badge.
Trade-related awards

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Webelos Den Leader portal

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