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Crew Leader
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Reports to:Boatswain

The Crew Leader is a sub-group youth leader in the Sea Scout ship.


Position description

The Ship is organized into a sufficient number of crews so that each crew has between 4 and 8 members. Every seaman except for the Boatswain and Boatswain's Mate shall be part of a crew. Each crew shall have a Crew Leader and an Assistant Crew Leader.

Reports to


  • Be responsible for the whereabouts and activities of all members of the crew during skills training on Wednesday evening meetings.
  • Be responsible for the record keeping for members of the crew including skills training, points, and roll attendance.
  • Encourage and discipline members of the Crew. It is the Crew Leader's responsibility to see that crewmembers are ready to perform well on the Ship events at AMR/Rendezvous.


The Crew Leader is a sub-group youth leader in its unit. Other sub-group youth leaders are:

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