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[[Category:Youth positions]]

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Serving as Crew Secretary can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirementss for Star, Life, and Eagle.

Crew Secretary
Selected by:Youth crew members
Reports to:Crew President

The Crew Secretary serves as the record-keeping youth leader of the crew, he or she is elected by the youth members, and is responsible for attendance records, written correspondence, records, and minutes showing decisions, plans and publicity.

Typical Venturing crew organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Venturing crew organization chart (click to zoom)


Position description

The Crew Secretary is elected by the youth members and is the record-keeping youth leader of the crew. He or she is responsible for the communication that needs to be put into writing – correspondence, publicity, records, and minutes showing officer decisions, actions and plans.

He or she reminds the crew officers of agreed-upon decisions and important items in behalf of the crew. The secretary helps the Vice President – Program with publishing schedules and newsletters; organizes a telephone network amount crew members; handles publicity trough school or community newspapers, newsletters, radio, television, speakers, bulletin boars, and other media.

The secretary can enlist the help of other crew members, and may have an adult crew committee member assigned to assist the secretary.

Reports to


  • Serves as the communications officer and, in that position, manages all communications and publicity for the crew.
  • Maintains crew membership and attendance records.
  • Handles crew correspondence and minutes.
  • Coordinates crew publicity through local media, crew newsletters, and the crew's telephone network.
  • Sets an example by following the rules of the crew.
  • Wear the uniform appropriate to the Venturing crew.
  • Learn and live by the Venturing Oath and the Venturing Code.
  • Approaches Venturing in the spirit of fun, and spreads this spirit in the publicity and communications of the crew.

As a Crew Officer:

  • Foster and develop an environment within the crew that has a true sense of community, that encourages growth and responsibility to one another.
  • Work in a spirit of partnership with the Crew Advisor.
  • Assist in developing a program of activities for the crew help carry them out.
  • Uphold the standards and policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Ensure that activities are conducted within BSA safety guidelines and requirements.
  • Cultivate the capacity to enjoy life - have fun and explore while leading.


The Crew Secretary is the record-keeping youth leader in its unit. Other record-keeping youth leaders are:

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