Crime Prevention Award

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Phase I

Carry out the activities identified in this Phase I section.
  • "Taking Care of Yourself When You Are Alone",
Boy Scout Handbook, page 375
  • "Caring for Younger Children",
Boy Scout Handbook, page 374
  • "The Family Council",
Boy Scout Handbook, pages 371-373.
  • Discuss items on relationships of
  • drugs and crime
  • gangs and crime
  • graffiti and crime
  • peers and crime.
Neighborhood / Community:
  • "Know Your Community",
Boy Scout Handbook, page 341.
  • Visit a government agency responsible for crime prevention programs.

Phase II

Participate with your family, patrol, crew, team, troop, or friends in a crime prevention project, either an original project or a project of a neighborhood- or community-based organization. (Before beginning the project, have the unit leader approve your choice.)
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