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|headertext = {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}} Theme
|headertext = {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}} Theme
|content = :Portal:Cub Scout Leader/Cub Scout Monthly Themes/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}{{CURRENTYEAR}}
|content = :Portal:Cub Scout Leader/Cub Scout Monthly Themes/{{CURRENTYEAR}}/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}

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Current events updated 19 May 08... Check out What's New here!!!

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June 2016 Theme
Portal:Cub Scout Leader/Cub Scout Monthly Themes/2016/June

Finding your way around
Portal:Main/Finding your way around
Adventure Pins: RequirementsListWorksheets
Pre-2015 Activity Badges:  ListWorksheets
Webelos Transition into a troop

Monthly Themes
Portal:Cub Scout Leader/Cub Scout Monthly Themes/2016 list


Scouting news
  • Nov 2015: New NYLT patch, Trained patch available to youth now as well as adults

June dates


Featured collaboration
Portal:Main/Featured collaboration

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