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Purview:Pack and Pack Leadership
Reports to:Pack Committee Chairperson

In Cub Scouting, the person who leads the pack is called a Cubmaster. The Cubmaster is responsible for the monthly Pack Meeting which includes all boys, leaders and parents from all dens. The Pack Committee develops and funds the pack program with the help of the Cubmaster and Den Leaders. It is the Cubmaster who conducts that program.

Everything the Cubmaster does is aimed at helping the individual boy. Securing strong leaders, planning den and pack activities, advising other leaders and adult family members—these are all ways in which the Cubmaster affects the kind of Cub Scouting each boy in the pack is offered. The Cubmaster directly influences the lives of individual boys by keeping in mind that boys can become better through Cub Scouting.





The Cubmaster's responsibilities are to:

  • Conduct a pack program according to the policies of the BSA.
  • Complete Cubmaster Fast Start Training and position-specific Basic Leader Training. Attend monthly roundtables.
  • Plan and help carry out the Cub Scout program in the pack. This includes leading the monthly pack meeting, with the help of other leaders.
  • Help the pack committee with a year-round recruitment plan for recruiting boys into Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouting.
  • Know about and use the appropriate and available literature, including Boys' Life and Scouting magazines, Cub Scout Program Helps (2009, 2010, & 2011), and the Webelos Leader Guide.
  • See that the pack program, leaders, and Cub Scouts positively reflect the interests and objectives of the chartered organization and the BSA.
  • Work with the pack committee on:
  1. program ideas
  2. selecting and recruiting adult leaders, and
  3. establishing a budget plan.
  • Guide and support den leaders. See that they receive the required training for their positions.
  • Help organize Webelos dens and encourage graduation into a Boy Scout troop.
  • Help establish and maintain good relationships with Boy Scout troops.
  • Maintain good relationships with parents and guardians. Seek their support and include them in activities. Involve male relatives such as uncles and grandfathers so that Cub Scouts will have additional male role models.
  • See that Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts receive a quality, year-round program filled with fun and activities that qualify the dens and pack for the National Summertime Pack Award. See the BSA Den Meeting Plans.
  • Guide Cub Scouts in goodwill and conservation projects.
  • See that the responsibilities specified for the assistant Cubmaster are carried out.
  • Help the pack committee chair conduct the annual pack program planning conference and the monthly pack leaders' meetings.
  • Work as a team with the pack committee chair to cultivate, educate, and motivate all pack leaders and parents or guardians in Cub Scouts.
  • Take part in the charter review meeting and annual charter presentation ceremony.
  • Request den chiefs for all dens and, after selection, see that they are trained. Recognize the den chiefs at pack meetings.
  • Insure that dens are using the Denner program and conducting flag ceremonies (requried for rank advancement).
  • Conduct an impressive graduation ceremony for Tiger Cubs.
  • Meet with the unit commissioner, Webelos den leader, and Scoutmaster to establish plans for the Webelos Scouts' transition to Boy Scouting.
  • Help plan and conduct impressive Webelos graduation ceremonies involving parents and guardians, the Scoutmaster, the Webelos den chief, the Webelos den leader, and the troop junior leaders.
  • Conduct impressive Arrow of Light Award ceremonies.
  • Encourage high advancement standards for all Cub Scouts.
  • Help bring families together at joint activities for Webelos dens (or packs) and Boy Scout troops.
  • Support the policies of the BSA.
  • Encourage all leaders to meet the standards set in the Cub Scout Leader Awards.


Adult leaders must possess the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary for positive leadership to youth. They must also:

The adult leader application process will not be complete until Youth Protection training has been completed and a criminal background check has been obtained. Does not need to be an expert in all Cub Scout activities but should be a leader who is able to communicate well with adults as well as boys. Should be able to delegate responsibilities and set a good example through behavior, attitude, and uniform. Should believe in the values and purposes of Cub Scouting. Preferably a member of the chartered organization. Selected and appointed by the pack committee with the approval of the chartered organization, and registered as an adult leader of the BSA.

Cub Master Award

Main article: Cubmaster Award

The Cubmaster Award is available to Cubmasters who complete training, tenure, and performance requirements. This award is presented by the local council and requires the completion of Fast Start Training, Basic Leader Training for the position, Youth Protection training, and participation in roundtables or a pow wow or University of Scouting. Tenure used for one award may not be used for another. Assistant Cubmasters can earn the Cub Scouter Award

Cub Scout Expenses

In one weekend of Popcorn sales or other Fundraising, a Cub Scout can earn enough in his Individual Account for a year of adventures!

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