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This article provides general information about the Cyber Chip.
For details and requirements for the award for Cub Scouts, see Cyber Chip (Grades 1-5).
For details and requirements for the award for the award for Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts, see Cyber Chip (Grades 6-12).

The Cyber Chip is for all Scouts (1st through 12th grade) and helps them learn about internet safety.

Today's youth are spending more time than ever using digital media for education, research, socializing, and fun. To help families and volunteers keep youth safe while online, the Boy Scouts of America introduces the Cyber Chip. In developing this tool, the BSA teamed up with content expert NetSmartz®, part of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children® and training expert for many law enforcement agencies. Topics include cyberbullying, cell phone use, texting, blogging, gaming, and identity theft.

Cyber Chip for Grades 1-5
(Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts)
Cyber Chip for Grades 6-12
(Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts)

All Cyber Chips will expire annually. Each Scout will need to “recharge” the chip by going back to the Netsmartz Recharge area. This space will hold new information, news, and a place for the Scout to recommit to net safety and netiquette. Then, with the unit leader, the Scout can add the new date to the Cyber Chip card or certificate.


Integration Ideas

Cyber Chip Emblems (Grades 1-5 / Grades 6-12
Cyber Chip Emblems (Grades 1-5 / Grades 6-12


  • Use the Cyber Chip as a tool to work with your youth to create additional open communications.
  • Visit and NetSmartz® for more content ideas and tip sheets.

Unit Leaders

  • Tailor the requirements to your own unit rules. Complete the requirements for the Cyber Chip as a unit at a regular meeting, then hand out the cards and patches on the spot.
  • Review the resources available on the website, including teaching materials, an implementation guide, and more.
  • Create a fun challenge for youth to stump the unit leaders.
  • Play a "Jeopardy!"-style game in a meeting to use what's been learned.
  • Use the Cyber Chip as a foundational step in preparation for leadership positions such as Webmaster.

Councils and Districts

  • Add Cyber Chip information to council or district websites. Create an area focused on cyber safety. Use resources from NetSmartz®
  • Spread the word by communicating at events like camporees and Scoutoramas.
  • Do a tech event for adults or youth—then set teams to compete with each other on their knowledge in a fun fashion.

Cyber Chip and the Scout Rank

The new Scout rank, effective Jan. 1, 2016, includes a requirement intended to protect youth in our ever-changing cyber-community. That new requirement (#6) calls for Scouts to “earn the Cyber Chip Award for your grade." There are four age-appropriate Cyber Chip Awards, with content based on a Scout's grade in school.

A transitioning Webelos Scout who holds an unexpired Cyber Chip card for his current school grade has fulfilled this portion of the Scout rank requirement as part of the Webelos “Scouting Adventure.”

  • If his Cyber Chip card is currently valid, he should simply demonstrate his knowledge to his Scoutmaster or other designated leader after joining the troop. This is not a retest. If, however, the Scout has not grasped these concepts, they may be reviewed (based on Cyber Chip requirements for the Scout's current grade) to ensure understanding.
  • All Cyber Chip Awards expire annually, so if a new Scout’s Cyber Chip card for his current grade has lapsed, he simply needs to “recharge” the chip by going back to the Netsmartz Recharge area.

For a youth joining [Scouts BSA] who was not a Cub Scout, the Cyber Chip award to be earned depends on his school grade while working on the Scout rank. If he has already completed the 5th grade, he would complete Cyber Chip requirements for grades 6-8, as would a ... Scout joining in the 6th through 8th grade. If a youth joins [Scouts BSA] in the 9th through 12th grade, he would complete Cyber Chip requirements for grades 9-12.

Advancement News (March-April 2016) Adobe Acrobat PDF pg. 4

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