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A Cub Scout Den Flag
A Cub Scout Den Flag

A Den is a small group of a Cub Scouts in a Cub Scout Pack, ideally six to ten boys in size. Cub Scouts are assigned to dens based on grade: Tiger Cub (first-graders), Wolf (second-graders), Bear (third-graders), and Webelos (fourth & fifth graders). Dens usually meet weekly.


A Den is not like a Patrol

A Cub Scout Den is very different from a Boy Scout Patrol. A den is run by an adult Den Leader with the aid of Assistant Den Leader(s). In Cub Scouts, the Den Leader plans, organizes, and runs den meetings and activities with the help of an Assistant Den Leader, Den Chief, and Denner. The Den Chief is a Boy Scout appointed to help the den. The Denner is a Cub Scout elected by the boys. The Den Leader represents the den at adult Den Leader Meetings.

In contrast, in Boy Scouts, the boys elect a member of their Patrol as their Patrol Leader who plans, organizes, and runs Patrol meetings and activities. The Patrol Leader represents the patrol at boy-led Patrol Leaders' Council meetings.

Webelos Den

A Webelos Den is a type of Cub Scout Den that helps provide the transition from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. The boys in a Webelos Den are given more responsibility, but the Webelos Den Leader still plans, organizes, and runs the den meetings and activities. The Webelos Scouts choose their own den name (usually from the list of Boy Scout patrols) and may wear a Boy Scout patrol patch on their uniform in place of the den number patch. The Insignia Guide refers to this insignia as a "Webelos den emblem" and notes that its use is "optional." The Webelos Den may also make their own flag based on the patrol emblem that they have chosen.

Webelos dens may have a name and wear the appropriate "patrol emblem" instead of a den numeral, but they are still a den.
Cub Scout Leader Book, BSA No. 33221

Key Den Leaders

Each Den should have the following key leaders:

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