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Denali Award. This award is worn on the flap of the left pocket.
Denali Award. This award is worn on the flap of the left pocket.


Award requirements

The Denali Award is the highest award in Varsity Scouting. The award is named after Denali, an area that includes Mount McKinley in Alaska.

The Denali Award is presented to Varsity Scouts team's youth members who have already earned the Varsity Scout Letter.

1. Be a registered Varsity Scout team member.
2. Advance at least one rank in the Boy Scout program (or earn a Palm for those who are already Eagle Scouts).
3. Hold leadership positions in a Varsity Scout team for at least six months.
4. a) While serving as team captain or program manager, act as primary leader on at least two activities. Program managers should choose activities in their the field of emphasis. Team captains may serve as primary leader any of the five fields of emphasis.
4. b) While serving as program manager or team captain, demonstrate shared leadership skills in supporting roles in each of the three remaining fields of emphasis.
5. Satisfy to the team captain that you know and live by the Varsity Scout Pledge.
6. Complete a progress review by a review board that includes a district or council representative and is lead by the advancement program manager.

Source: 2000 Varsity Scout Guidebook (34827A)


Help with these requirements


Print, trim and fold scorecard for a youth team member to retain in his possession, and keep track of his award requirements and progress:

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