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(Removed 7 MBs listed that are still current: Gardening, Woodwork, Metalwork, Painting, Chemistry, Electricity, and Plumbing; Added Electrician.)
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;Arts and crafts : [[Leathercraft]], [[Leatherworking]]
;Arts and crafts : [[Leathercraft]], [[Leatherworking]]
;Building : [[Blacksmithing]], [[Carpentry]], [[Cement Work]], [[Craftsmanship]], [[Foundry Practice]], [[Handicraft]], [[Machinery]], [[Farm Mechanics]], [[Woodwork]], [[Metallurgy]], [[Metalwork]], [[Masonry]], [[Mechanical Drawing]], [[Wood Turning]], [[Painting]], [[Plumbing]], [[Electricity]], [[Chemistry]]
;Building : [[Blacksmithing]], [[Carpentry]], [[Cement Work]], [[Craftsmanship]], [[Foundry Practice]], [[Handicraft]], [[Machinery]], [[Farm Mechanics]], [[Metallurgy]], [[Masonry]], [[Mechanical Drawing]], [[Wood Turning]], [[Electrician]]
;Business and industry : [[Bookbinding]], [[Business]], [[Cinematography]], [[Computers]], [[Consumer Buying]], [[Invention]], [[Textiles]]
;Business and industry : [[Bookbinding]], [[Business]], [[Cinematography]], [[Computers]], [[Consumer Buying]], [[Invention]], [[Textiles]]

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"Scouts may not begin working on discontinued merit badges. If actual effort has already begun by the time discontinuation becomes effective, and work actively continues, then the badge may be completed and can count toward rank advancement, but presentation of the badge itself will be subject to national inventory. It is a misconception that discontinued merit badges may be earned as long as the patch and requirements can be found."
Source: BSA Guide To Advancement, Section Discontinued Merit Badges
Agribusiness, Farm Arrangement, Farm Arrangements, Farm Home and Its Planning, Farm Layout and Building Arrangement, Farm Records, Farm Records and Bookkeeping, Farm and Ranch Management
Animal husbandry 
Animal Industry, Beefarming, Bee Keeping, Beekeeping, First Aid to Animals, Poultry Farming, Poultry Keeping, Pigeon Raising, Beef Production, Hog Production, Hog and Pork Production, Sheep Farming, Animal Industry, Rabbit Raising, Dairying
Plant cultivation 
Agriculture, Gardening, Landscape Gardening, Food Systems, Forage Crops, Fruit Culture, Fruit and Nut Growing, Citrus Fruit Culture, Nut Culture, Corn Farming, Small Grains, Small Grains and Cereal Foods, Cotton Farming, Grasses, Legumes, and Forage Crops, Landscape Gardening, Landscaping
Arts and crafts 
Leathercraft, Leatherworking
Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cement Work, Craftsmanship, Foundry Practice, Handicraft, Machinery, Farm Mechanics, Metallurgy, Masonry, Mechanical Drawing, Wood Turning, Electrician
Business and industry 
Bookbinding, Business, Cinematography, Computers, Consumer Buying, Invention, Textiles
Civics, Citizenship, Citizenship in the Home, Interpreting, World Brotherhood
Dramatics, Printing, Printing/Communication, Signaling, Wireless
Conservation, Conservation of Natural Resources, Soil Management, Wildlife Management
Outdoor sports 
Angling, Marksmanship, Rifle and Shotgun Shooting, Skiing, Waterskiing
Personal development 
Personal Finances, Personal Health, Physical Development, Handicapped Awareness, Handicap Awareness
Firemanship, Safety First
Atomic Energy, Botany, First Aid to Animals, General Science, Insect Life, Mammals, Mining, Ornithology, Reptile Study, Reptiles, Rocks and Minerals, Taxidermy, Veterinary Science, Zoology
Automobiling, Automotive Safety, Auto Mechanics
Aviation (original), Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, Airplane Design, Airplane Structure

2010 Historic merit badges reissues

The following 2010 Historic (a.k.a. "Centennial") merit badges could be earned through December 31, 2010:


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