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Eagle Palm requirement resources include the Eagle Palm Application 58-709 and Merit Badge Worksheets.
Important Boy Scout topics include Active, Scout Spirit, Scoutmaster Conference, and Board of Review.
Don't stop at Eagle! You still have 100 Merit Badges to go!

Eagle Palms

Bronze, Gold,
and Silver Palms
Eagle Scout Rank
Eagle Palms


Eagle Palms are awarded for each 5 Merit Badges earned after earning the Eagle Scout Rank after completing tenure and other requirements. An Eagle Palm is not a rank but an award.

The Eagle Scout Rank requires that you earn 21 of the 121 Merit Badges. After earning the Eagle Scout Rank, you can continue to earn Merit badges and Eagle Palms until your 18th birthday. Currently the maximum number of Eagle Palms you can earn is 20, worn as six silver palms and one gold palm. You would need at least 3 months for each palm for a total of 60 months, or five years after earning Eagle. To earn all 20 palms you would need to earn Eagle by your 13th birthday.

A Scout who has earned the following numbers of merit badges wears the number of palms indicated (assuming he has been active for the appropriate periods since earning his Eagle):

Merit Badges Bronze Palms Gold Palms Silver Palms Adult Knot
21 Eagle Image:Eagle.gif
26 1     Image:Eagle1.gif
31   1   Image:Eagle2.gif
36     1 Image:Eagle3.gif
41 1   1 Image:Eagle4.gif
46   1 1 Image:Eagle5.gif
51     2 Image:Eagle6.gif
56 1   2    
61   1 2    
66     3    
71 1   3    
76   1 3    
81     4    
86 1   4    
91   1 4    
96     5    
101 1   5    
106   1 5    
111     6    
116 1   6    
121   1 6    

Eagle Palms requirements

After becoming an Eagle Scout, you may earn Palms by completing the following requirements:

  1. Be active in your troop and patrol for at least three months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after award of last Palm.**
  2. Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law in your everyday life.
  3. Make a satisfactory effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability.
  4. Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle or last Palm.***
  5. Participate in a Scoutmaster conference.
  6. Successfully complete a board of review.

You may wear only the proper combination of Palms for the number of merit badges you earned beyond the rank of Eagle. The Bronze Palm represents five merit badges, the Gold Palm 10, and the Silver Palm 15.

*For Varsity Scouts working on Boy Scout requirements, replace "troop" with "team" and "Scoutmaster" with "Varsity Scout Coach." For Venturers working on Boy Scout requirements, replace "troop" with "crew" and "Scoutmaster" with "Crew Advisor." For Sea Scouts working on Boy Scout requirements, replace "troop" with "ship" and "Scoutmaster" with "Skipper."

** Eagle Palms must be earned in sequence, and the three-month tenure requirement must be observed for each Palm.

*** Merit Badges earned any time since becoming a Boy Scout may be used to meet this requirement.

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Boy Scout Requirements, 2015 Edition (BSA Supply No. 33216 - SKU# 620714)

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Requirement resources

1: What does Active really mean? (it's not what you think!)
2: What does Scout Spirit really mean? (It's not what you do in your troop!)
4: Merit Badge Worksheets and Resources
4: Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project (with the Eagle Scout Project Checklist)
5: Scoutmaster Conference - Explains that you don't "pass" a Scoutmaster Conference and how to appeal.
6: Board of Review - What can they ask? How long can it be? Is the uniform really required? How do you appeal?

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