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Explorer Achievement Award has been discontinued. (See Discontinued awards.)
Explorer Achievement Award

Explorer Achievement Award square knot
Created:1981 (discontinued prior to August 1998)
Last updated:

The Explorer Achievement Award was established in 1981 to fill a perceived need for recognition for Explorers. Each Explorer required 18 months total tenure in Exploring, leadership, and designed their own program of growth in the six experience areas of Exploring. The review was conducted by the Explorer post.

There were no national statistics of the number of awards were kept. However local Councils did retain and report to the Exploring Division records of the number of Awards presented between 1981 and 1986. The Exploring Division stated that there were close to 400 Exploring Achievement Awards presented during this period of time.

The Award consisted of a lapel pin, certificate and the knot emblem.

Note: after the Explorer Achievement Award was discontinued, the square knot emblem was used to recognize Explorers who were awarded the Explorer GOLD Award.

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