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<center><big>[[Cub Scout Leader Portal|Cub Scout]] [[Fast Tracks]] are [[Den Meeting]] plans for designed to help active<br> Cubs earn their [[Tiger]], [[Wolf]], [[Bear]], and [[Webelos Scout]] ranks by February.</big></center><br>
{{Fast Tracks intro}}
{{Fast Tracks intro}}

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Cub Scout Fast Tracks are Den Meeting plans for designed to help active
Cubs earn their Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scout ranks by February.

Fast Tracks is a series of den meeting plans (two den meetings per month) designed to be used in conjunction with the youth handbooks. By following the these plans, active Scouts can earn their Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos rank by February, usually in time for the Blue & Gold Banquet. After these meetings, Scouts continue to meet to work on other electives, Belt Loops and Pins, and other Cub Scout Awards through the rest of the year. All Cub Scouts must first earn their Bobcat Badge.

Use the Fast Tracks as-is or as a resource for your own meeting plans. MeritBadge.Org offers a wealth of other resources to get you started, Belt Loop and Pin Worksheets and Cub Scout Monthly Themes with Program Helps! Also see the Fast Tracks FAQ.

Fast Tracks Den Meeting plans by rank

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