First Aid (Ranger Award elective)

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{{Otheruses|''This is the '''First Aid Ranger Award elective'''.<br />Boy Scouts can earn the [[First Aid|First Aid Merit Badge]].<br>Webelos Scouts can earn the [[Readyman|Readyman Activity Badge]].''}}
{{Otheruses|''This is the '''First Aid elective for the Venturing Ranger Award'''.<br />Boy Scouts can earn the [[First Aid]] merit badge.<br>Webelos Scouts can earn the [[Readyman]] activity badge.''}}
[[Image:Venturing ranger award.jpg|thumb|100px|The [[Ranger Award]] medal]]
[[Image:Venturing ranger award.jpg|thumb|100px|The [[Ranger Award]] medal]]

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This is the First Aid elective for the Venturing Ranger Award.
Boy Scouts can earn the First Aid merit badge.
Webelos Scouts can earn the Readyman activity badge.
The Ranger Award medal
The Ranger Award medal

First Aid is one of the electives for the Venturing Ranger Award.


First Aid (Ranger Award elective) requirements

Requirement 1. First aid kit
a. Build a personal first aid kit or help build a group first aid kit.
b. Know how to use everything in the kit.
c. Teach another person in your crew, another crew, a Cub or Boy Scout group, or other how to make and use a personal or group first aid kit.

Do 2, 3, or 4.

Requirement 2. Complete a 25 hour emergency first aid course.
Requirement 3. Complete a 45-hour emergency response course.
Requirement 4. Complete an EMT Basic course offered through a local hospital, college, or first aid crew.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Venturer Handbook, 2006 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #637685)

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  1. Requirement 1 also satisfies the Lifesaver (Ranger Award elective) requirement 2.
  2. Requirement 2, 3, or 4 also satisfies the Ranger first aid core requirement, the Venturing Silver Award requirement 3a or 3b, the Religious and Community Life Bronze Award requirement 9, and partial Quest Award requirement 2.

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