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Good Turn for America helps communities with more Scouting service, instills the value of service in our youth, and increases awareness of the Scouting program within our neighborhoods as we focus on three areas of common concern: food, shelter and health.

Good Turn for America builds on current unit service projects, as well as encouraging units to develop new projects to benefit their communities. Unit-level projects are usually performed for local agencies or in service of a chartering organization.

On February 23, 2009 the Good Turn for American Web site indicated 8,303,557 service hours that had been performed by members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Good Turn for America: A Fund-Raising Tool

Good Turn for America offers you new funding opportunities by enabling individuals and companies who may not agree with our membership policies to still support the important tasks of feeding the hungry, providing adequate shelter, and reducing youth obesity.

On the Good Turn for America Web site,, you will find more information about the program, project ideas, and letters of support from members of Congress, governors, the president's cabinet, community organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.

Use the letters to get your foot in the door with your community leaders and the local offices of many Fortune 500 companies. If their corporate officers support Good Turn for America, they will too.

In addition to the letters, use the service project information collected from your units. Your Web administrator can run a report of how many service projects were conducted and the number of service hours contributed by your district. Use this information when meeting with leaders to demonstrate Scouting's value to the community.

The Independent Sector, a coalition of foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and individuals, values volunteer time at $17.55 per hour. Multiply this figure by the number of service hours on your report and you can easily estimate the financial value of Scouting for your community.

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