Guide to Awards and Insignia

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''Guide to Awards and Insignia''

Cover of 2015 Edition
First edition:
Latest edition:2015, 112 pages
BSA Supply Number:620572

The Guide to Awards and Insignia pamphlet presents detailed information to enable BSA members to wear the correct and complete uniform on all suitable occasions. Includes instructions for placement of awards and insignia on uniform.

A new publication entitled Guide to Uniforming and Insignia is under development is to replace the 2015 Guide to Awards and Insignia and is expected to be published Spring 2019.

Table of Contents

Section 1

  • Contents
  • Official Policy
  • Excerpts from the Rules and Regulations
  • Special Regulations

Section 2

  • Cub Scout Insignia (updated 6/29/2015)
  • Boy Scout Insignia
  • Varsity Scout Insignia
  • Venturing Insignia (updated 6/29/2015)
  • Sea Scout Insignia

Section 3

  • Training Awards
  • Scouting Honors and Special Recognitions
  • Universal and Nonunit Insignia
  • Religious Emblems
  • Flags

Section 4

  • Guidelines for District and Council Committees
  • Index

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